PCYC / NSW Driver Trainers Association is an RMS accredited provider of the Safer Drivers Course in the Southern Highlands. 


To complete the $140 course, young drivers will be required to participate in a three-hour group discussion about safe driving as well as complete a two-hour coaching session behind the wheel.  

The Safer Drivers Course is available to learner drivers under the age of 25 who have completed at least 50 log book driving hours.

(3-hour Group Discussion) 

6 Hawkins Drive
Mittagong (near pool)

followed by

(2-hour In-Car Coaching Session)
A dual-controlled Driving Instructor's vehicle is provided

Courses are held monthly - next course date:
9 am Saturday 17th March 2018 

TO BOOK phone PCYC Mittagong on 4868 5200 between 10 am - 6 pm

Benefits of attending a Safer Drivers Course

The course aims to provide learner drivers with driving strategies such as speed management, gap selection, hazard awareness and safe following distances so they are more prepared when they drive unsupervised on their provisional licences.

The course also aims to help learners identify situations that will put them at greater risk of a crash and consider strategies that will help avoid them.

Course Structure:

Module 1:  A three-hour group discussion on how to manage risks on the road.
Module 2:  A two-hour in-vehicle coaching session with another learner and a qualified driving instructor to develop low-risk driving strategies.

Earn credit hours

As well as becoming safer drivers, you can earn a bonus of 20 hours of log book credit once you complete the course, so you only need to finish 100 hours of supervised driving outside the course.

The course has been designed for a learner to attend once, and therefore, the 20 hours of bonus log book credit will only be deducted once.

If you also take 10 hours of professional driving lessons, you’ll receive a further 20 hours of credit on top of the 10 hours you drive during those lessons.

Learner driverCreditSupervised driving hoursLogbook total
Safer Drivers Course20hrs100hrs120hrs
10hrs of professional lessons20hrs*100hrs120hrs
Safer Drivers Course and 10hrs professional lessons40hrs80hrs120hrs

*This is in addition to the 10 hours spent driving during the lessons. Professional lessons totalling more than 10 hours will not provide additional credit.